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The Annual Justices and Jurors Lecture was instituted to celebrate the formal status of the Guildable Manor Court Leet as a ‘preserved jurisdiction’ under the Administration of Justice Act 1977. The Manor Free Tenants are the Jurors of the Manorial and Borough Courts and they can be traced beyond the City of London’s acquisition of the Manor in 1327, back to Domesday Book and from the Laws of King Alfred ‘the Great’ who founded the Southwark burh in circa 880 AD.

As in fact the oldest yet most junior jurisdiction in the country the Lectures were instituted by the most senior Justice of the highest court in the land which was also the most recent in formation in 2010.

The lectures are given under Chatham House Rules

Previous Guest Speakers and their position when Lecturer

2010 Lord Phillips: The President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

2011 Lord Neuberger: The Master of the Rolls

2012 Lord Judge of Draycote: The Lord Chief Justice

2013 Lord Reed: Justice of the Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights

2014 Sir Terence Etherton: The Chancellor of the High Court

2015 Sir Brian Leveson: President of the Queen’s Bench

2016 Sir Peter Gross: Lord Justice of Appeal

2017 Sir Adrian Fulford LJ: Investigatory Powers Commissioner

2018 Dame Julia Macur: Senior Presiding Judge for England and Wales

2019 Baroness Hale: The President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom