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The Annual Bridge House-Yard Lecture was instituted as a history lecture to  
celebrate the relationship between the City and Southwark through the Bridge House Estates  
and the Bridge House-Yard the lands and site of which were within the Manor for the upkeep  
amd maintenance of London Bridge since 1163. The Manor Free Tenants are the Jurors of the  
Court of Treasure Trove under the Coroner the right to which was confirmed by Henry VI, as a  
previous franchise, in his charter of 1444.

The lectures are delivered by a specialist historian in London local history or an archaelogist  
reporting on the excavations conducted in Southwark, usually of the most recent finds.

Previous Guest Speakers and their position when Lecturer

David Johnson: author of Southwark and the City and Librarian of the House of Lords

Bruce Watson: author of ‘London Bridge 2000 Years’

Stephen Humphrey: The Southwark Archivist

John Clark: Curator Emiritus Museum of London

The PCA Team: archaeologists of Thameslink Viaduct

Harvey Sheldon: Archeologist of London Bridge City

Dr Chris Constable: The Southwark Borough Archeologist

Peter Moore Director of Pre-Construct Archaeology